The BIGNESS Within

In chiropractic we talk about the BIGNESS within…that “something” that exists within every person’s soul which when unhindered, directs the person to live an exceptional life, contributing to the advancement of human kind.

However all of us also have that SMALLNESS within that directs our actions and behaviours to the detriment of ourselves and others!

The goal is to live a conscious life, driven by real-time BIGNESS choices that direct us to what we want - knowing that what we want serves humanity.

Every step forward can right the wrongs of previous generations and set the precedence for future generations!

In practicing this, you can constantly contemplate who is in your driving seat - either the BIGNESS within or the SMALLNESS within. Through this contemplation, you can ask yourself the question - what will the outcome be of your current actions and behaviours? If you are conscious of the potential outcome(s) you can make the appropriate choice (hopefully proactively) to continue or to change your actions and behaviours as necessary. In this way, you are constantly leading yourself towards your goals and the betterment of your world!

This works extremely well in the parenting, mentoring or guiding of other people - as a conscious discussion stopping point; especially when a less than desired situation has occurred. Remember that a strong driving force behind actions and behaviours are fragile emotions that need to be understood and processed. In this way the “learner” is programmed into their own journey of consciousness.

The parent / mentor / teacher can ask the questions:

  1. Do you acknowledge that choices are yours to make?
  2. Who was in the driving seat when the decision / choice was made?
  3. Why were you in that internal state?
  4. What were your driving emotions?
  5. If we play this out, what are the likely outcomes?
  6. Would there be a better outcome that we would like to have?
  7. What would we need to have done differently?
  8. What emotion(s) would we need to have in place to conduct this?
  9. What is your first step going forward that will maximise and secure this conscious change?

It is important to realise that when the driving force is the SMALLNESS within, the majority of people are going to naturally defend their position. Therefore tread carefully with yourself and others, as you work towards agreement and conflict resolution.